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Start Now Preacher Camp


This Monday - Thursday program is for young men ages 10-25.

The total cost is $79.00.   

July 10-13 - $79.00

New For 2017! We are excited to host "Start Now Preacher Camp"! We have invited Cody Noseworthy and Start Now Ministries to help us with this unique week of camp aimed at helping to equip and train young men who are called to preach the gospel.

Come and join other young men as we seek to serve God and start preaching and preparing today! If God has called you to preach, He has called you to be prepared.

Old Fashioned Preaching
Workshop Sessions
Hands on Training
Relationship Building

A Note to Pastors and Leaders:
"This is a 4-day training time is designed to help your local church help young preachers. If you have young men in your church that have surrendered to the calling of God on their life to preach or have a desire to be in ministry, this program is for you. We have brought together seasoned men of God who have a heart for preparing the next generation of preachers. The desire is to pass the torch and work together to get these young men aimed in the right direction now. You are welcome to attend along side your young men or simply send them our way. If you have detailed questions, please let me know".

                                Saved to Serve,
                                Jason J. Perlak

No prior outdoor experience is needed. Campers will not being doing backpacking or be required to carry their gear into camp. Campers should be prepared for a rugged outdoor atmosphere with cold showers and limited electricity.



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Experience a little of the outdoors and God's creation while you focus on Him. Enjoy some light hiking, climbing wall, zip-line, ropes course and much more! You will do all this all while learning teamwork, leadership skills, and strengthening and developing character and a close walk with Christ. 



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