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2021 - Wilderness Schedule

Early Season:

Men in Missions WORK DAYS - March 25-27
(Call Pastor Ferguson for details 330- 540-1225)

Teen Work Day - April 17

WORK DAY (All Welcome) - May 15

Clean and Prep Work Day -  June 12
(Calling all ladies to help us get ready for summer staff to arrive)


Summer Season:

Staff Training - June 21-26
More Information

Teen Survival Camp- June 28 - July 3
More Information

Switchback20 - June 28 - July17
More Information

Science & Creation Week (Teens) - July 5 -10
More Information

Private Group- July 12-17

Parent Picnic (SWITCHBACK) - July 17

Junior Survival Camp - July 20-22 (Tues-Thur)
More Information


Staff Day - July 19

OnTrack Camp - July 23-31 (9 days)
(This is a 9 day program for children ages 8-11 aimed at character building and to help set them on the right track for life prior to reaching the adolescent stage.) More Information

Parent Picnic (OnTrack) - July 31

Late Season:

Preacher's Retreat Vacations - August 17-October 2
Preachers and thier families vacation for FREE - More Information










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