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Why Rent Gear?
- Save Money
- Save Time
- Correct Gear Choices
- No Hassle
- We Do The Work

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Are you taking one of our "Off-Campus" backpacking trips? Do you need gear and supplies for the week that you may never use again? Consider our new gear pack rental options.   Designed to save you money and time.

Save Money! Rent these Items. STANDARD GEAR PACK 1 GEAR PACK 2
Isobutene Stove
Pan Kit (Mess Kit)
Wide Mouth Water Bottles
Dinner Meals
Isobutene Fuel (5 days worth)  
Camp Soap (1 ounce)  
Matches (wooden)  
Sponge (small pre-soaped)  
Camp Towel (approx. 10 inches)  
Emergency Glow Stick  
Duct Tape (5 feet)  
Rubber Bands (5)  
Super Glue (1 small bottle)  
Emergency Blanket  
Camp Rope (25 feet-550 cord)  
Carabineers or D-clips (x2)  
Sleeping Pad (1 inch blue foam)    
Trekking Poles (x2)    
Colored Stuff Sacks (x2)    
Light Camp Tarp    
Rain Cover for Backpack    
Utensil (ultra-lite spork)    
Headlamp (LED)
Estimated Purchase Prices   $41-$89 + tax $131-$308 + tax
  SAVE - Our Rental Rate INCLUDED $29 $79

How do I rent a gear pack:
Simply click on the desired gear pack option when filling out your online registration.

How do I get my gear pack:
When you arrive for your hike all of your gear pack items will be waiting for you. You will have ample time to go over gear and pack before your journey begins.

What if I break or damage an item:
While we ask that you take good care of the items entrusted to you, we do not ask you to replace or repair any broken items.

Can't I just shop for all this myself?
You are completely free to order and purchase the needed gear and collect items yourself. You are not required to choose a gear pack. We simply provide this service as an extra option.

Is this everything I need?
The items provided in the gear packs are to help with your overall gear list. You will also need other items (Example: Sleeping bag, clothes, First-aid kit, and much more). See Gear and Supply List.
Do I get to keep gear or supplies:
Designed to save hikers money by sharing, all unused supplies and all gear is to be returned back to the camp at the end of your trip.

Is there a discount if I only need some of the items in the gear pack:
The gear pack prices stay the same even if you do not need one or more of the items listed. Notify us if there is a item that you will not need. This will reduce work and possible extra weight.

***Special Note:
Some of your gear pack items may be assigned to you AND your hiking partner to share in order to save weight while carrying your load all week. (Example: Tent or Stove)

Batteries are NOT included for headlamp. You will need to furnish 3 AAA batteries.



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